Emerging Trends in Android App Development

Trends in Android App Development

Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are breakthroughs technology for mobile apps. In fact, the integration of artificial intelligence allows the apps to tackle sophisticated processes with additional skills. With the help of ML, developers will make their Android Project Ideas apps smarter than for the users. The products such as chatbots are using the technology for understanding human behavior for best interactions.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an open source project which was started with the joint action of Google and Twitter. It enables the developers to build complex web pages which can be loaded faster across all mobile devices.

With the help of AMP, you will be getting

  • High search ranking

  • High CTR

  • Lower bounce rate

  • Better user engagement

  • Higher user retention

Internet of Things

Internet of Things technology which creates a convenient environment for people by connecting electronic devices have rightly in our list of top mobile technology trends. Home automation makers are working on the system to come up with enhanced smart home technology which can control using smartphones

Instant Apps

With this technique, the user can able to experience the product without wasting their data and time. Android instant apps remove all the barriers between and more convenient option to the users.



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